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About generations the resin with his attractive valleys, mountains and woods is a popular travelling area. In the surroundings of Friedrichsbrunn a net of approx. 190 km of developed and marked footpaths, under it 6 round footpaths is found and increases possibilities to reach in the neighbouring Bodetal and to walk therefore also on the Harzer Hexenstieg. Every footpath offers his own charms, but everybody leads by marvellous almost untouched nature.

Beside the Harzer Hexenstieg you also wander the "The ways of emperors and kings of the Middle Ages in the Harz" and the "historical border way".

Der Bergrat-Müller-Teich
Stationen der Harzer Wandernadel

The traveller will often bump into strange green boxes. These are stamp places of the "Harzer Wandernadel". More than 200 of these stamp boxes are distributed about the whole Harz, but only at few places they exist in such big number. This shows once more how the travelling region of Friedrichsbrunn likes is, and how many attractive travelling aims are found with us. The "devil's mill possibly or the "Quedlinburgblick", the "eagle oak", the foliage valley and the "devils mill" are such striking aims. Visit the place at which the last wild bear of the Harz was shot and find the old "hollow oak" in whose trunk a great family finds place.



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