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My name is Timm, so let me tell you whats going on and whats most fitted to Kids and there families.

I love to swim and the bassin in Friedrichsbrunns little spa garden contains clear and healthy water. Around the corner is a nice play yard. Sometimes we like to range the woods, collect some mushrooms or go by our cicles and mountain-bikes. It is the fresh air that makes as so strong.

Me and my parents often go to the "Hexentanzplatz" which is a mystic place where former lived witches and devils. Some of them are made in metal to rest there and fear the travellers. But I have never seen any movement of the sculptures, so its harmless to us. Its just a stone throw away and a beautiful place to stay because there a many attractions for Kids and Oldies too. We roam the animal garden and visit the open air theater and have much fun while riding the "Harzbob".

The "Hexentanzplatz" (place wehre the witches dance) is situated on a rock over the Bodevalley. Its edges fall away sharply, so it is hazardous to play there but you get a great look over our "Grand canyon".

The most important thing for us Kids is fun and action. So we go by the ropeway down to the valley, where the city of Thale is situated. It takes a few minutes before the ropeway-cabin the groundstation arrives. Beyond the ride you can see so much more than the landscape. Your arrival is the direct landing in the "Funpark". Lets stay for some ours and don`t forget to visit every thrill ride. First of all we climb the woods in the "Climbing-Wood". While the parents climb 6 meters above the ground, we use the Kids-Tour because it is not as dangerous as what the Oldies do. Swing sets and water slides coming next, and before our departure we go by the chairlift to the rock-plateau called "Rosstrappe" face to face the "Hexentanzplatz". The "Rosstrappe" is a sharp-edged rock with the footpint from a horse. Some say thatformera beautiful maiden called "Brunhilde" has fled from the extra hazardous knight "Bodo" and thereby she jumped over the Bodevalley and her horse left the print behind. To her delight, Bodo didn`t reach the other side so as she did and crashed.

Tomorrow we visit some tourist mines and caves, go by the steam-train to the "Brocken", play boat people on the wendefurth reservoir which is a part of the Ostharz-barrages-system, go fishing and........

Thats what holidays are made for!                                   


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